How about a headdress . . .

Mimby Jones Robinson is a Melbourne artist.  Fabulous headdresses are one of her specialities and recently I had the pleasure of being able to make a headdress of my own with her.


The ingredients are:

  • fake flowers
  • wire (measured so that it fits around your head)
  • ribbon
  • hot glue
  • electricians tape

How To:

  1. get your piece of wire and secure the two ends.
  2. find your starting place then begin securing the flowers – do this by getting the end or stalk of the flower and wrapping it around the wire and then secure with a piece of the electricians tape.
  3. continue securing the flowers – you can do this in a pattern or just keep adding the flowers until you are satisfied with the fullness of the headdress ( as you are going it helps to try the headdress on so that you can see how it looks)
  4. once you are happy with the look, cut a piece of ribbon about …cm long and hot glue it to the wire, then begin wrapping it around the wire and through the flowers keep cutting pieces of ribbon and wrapping them around until the whole surface is covered ( although this is not really necessary it gives the headdress a more finished look)


Ways To Wear Your Headdress:

  • you can wear it as a headdress
  • you can wear it as a belt
  • you can wear it as a necklace

Places To Wear Your Beautiful Headdress:

  • you can wear it to a party or other celebrations
  • you can wear it around the house
  • you can wear it anywhere, it is perfect to jazz up a plain outfit


Photo to come!

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Happy Birthday Artplay

Happy Birthday Banner

Overview of the awesome party

Overview of the awesome party

Pocketfool Performs

Pocketfool Performs

DJ set by Toot Whistle Crew

DJ set by Toot Whistle Crew

The MSO ArtPlay Ensemble Graduate performance

The MSO ArtPlay Ensemble Graduate performance

The Artplay Birthday Cake

The Artplay Birthday Cake

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Artplay is Turning Ten!

Join me in celebrating Artplay turning ten

Here’s what I wrote in celebration of Artplay.

Artplay: It’s a really inspiring space with lots of artwork around.

There are workshops that cater to all interests: painting, photography, sewing, . . .Plus, the people there are really nice.

You get to know how to create art in different ways. I went to a workshop where we got to hit paint soaked foam with a pool noodle which splattered paint everywhere. We flicked paint soaked tennis balls at paper. We shot nerf guns loaded with paint bullets at paper. Great Stuff!!!

One of the first workshops I went to, I got to paint a panel that is now part of the Birrarung Marr playground. Every time I go there I check it out.
I’ve sewed an owl now immortalised as the wallpaper on mum’s mobile phone.

My whole family made shadow portraits of each other and another time we all painted babushka dolls.

We went to a really cool puppet show – everything black with luminous seadragons – and other performances too.

I’ve made jewellery from recycled bits and pieces and my brother made an awesome dragon out of kitchen utensils, plastic bottles and lids – it lives on the top of his bookcase. I love that we re-use stuff and recycle lots of things.

A few years ago I made a Christmas decoration at Artplay that is now part of Melbourne City Council’s decorations.

My brother and I have been to cartooning workshops. My brother was used as the model for the example cartoon so we have that great souvenir as well as the cartoon portraits we did in the workshop.

I’ve done combined Artplay and Melbourne Writers Festival activities, meeting authors like Anna Walker and making my own book.

For a while now I’ve been an Artplay kid blogger and attended lots of great workshops organised by Bobby (an Artplay Staffperson Extraordinaire) with all kinds of different bloggers.

All these different experiences have made me an artist, a performer, a designer, an author, an illustrator.

(My brother has become all these things too)

Thank you Artplay so, SO MUCH.

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Book Factory

I recently went to a Melbourne writers festival activity held at artplay called book factory, it was really fun.
It was more specifically run by a group called kids own publishing that run many workshops and a really cool thing they have is a book cubby that has a copy of all the books kids from the workshops have created.

The factory had 4 stages 1st the imagination loom room then you could go to the word weaving workshop or the great pictorium and then to finish it of you went to the story quilting machine to publish you fabulous book.

The imagination loom room
This station was a place for thinking and inspiration. You could read other children’s books and get inspiration for your could come to this place whenever you were stuck for an idea.

The word weaving workshop
This station was the place to get the story down, you could right about anything so long as it was 8 pages long. I wrote about an alien called blurke. You could let your imagination run wild with complete freedom in what you could write, you might write a story about minecraft or about a fairy princess, a story about aliens or about a stolen guinea was amazing to see the diverse range of stories. Michael an author was there to help.

The great pictorium
At this station you got to bring your book to life by adding the all important pictures. You could choose to draw or to colour. I did a mixture of both and created the character blurke. I found this station really fun and interesting because you got to bring the story and characters in your imagination to life. The materials you could use ranged from coloured pencils and black markers to felt and paper, this allowed everyone to create very different illustrations. Kylie an children’s book author and illustrator could help you whenever needed here.

The story quilting machine
This was the place to finish your book of. You even got to ” publish” your book by photocopying your book twice, one went into the kids own publishing book cubby and the other one and the original one was taken home to share with family and friends. Having your book finally published was a really cool and amazing achievement. All helpers from artplay, Melbourne writers festival and other volunteers could help you finish of your book here.

I found this activity really interesting and getting to take your very own published book home was really cool to.

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Robin Rhode – The Call of Walls

Pictures at the exhibition.

These were some big crayons that people actually used with Robin Rhode when the exhibition began

Here I am at the wall where you could add to the exhibition.

Pictures at the exhibition.

Do you like to go to visit cool exhibitions?

Do you like to create your own amazing art work?

Well, if yes was the answer to both of those questions then Robin Rhode The Call of Walls is definitely for you. Not only do you get to look at interesting art work you get to contribute to a wall of art. This wall is dedicated to the public’s art, this means you can get creative and make it your own. If you don’t have time to do it there or want to continue the fun at home then you can take home some colouring sheets.
So you better get in quick and bring your friends and family to see this entertaining exhibition.
Robin Rhode is a South African artist who has an exhibition of his work currently on show at the National Gallery of Victoria, International (the exhibition closes on 15 September 2013).

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

From the classic story Chitty Citty Bang Bang comes a spectacular show that the whole family can enjoy. This show has it all; from amazing props that move, cool effects that make you jump out of your seat and talented actors that bring the show to life. I couldn’t fault it.


Me with my cousin

Chitty Bang 1

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Plate it Up!

Here's my brother's plate - it's a lego cake!

Here’s my brother’s plate – it’s a lego cake!

Here's my finished plate

Here’s my finished plate

Plate design

Here’s my design

In March my brother and I participated in the Artplay Melbourne Food & Wine Festival activity ‘Plate it Up!’ with artist Dawn Tan.

We designed food themed pictures and then painted them on plates.

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Hugh (my nine year old brother) attended totes and this was what he thought.

” It was brilliant because we could put whatever we wanted on it. ”

As you can see Hugh clearly enjoyed this activity and here is the end result.

This is Hugh's bag that he decorated. Hugh's theme for decorating his bag was peace so there is a lot of peace signs.

This is Hugh’s bag that he decorated.

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This bag was the first bag I decorated which has strewberries, love hearts, stars, a butterfly and a rainbow.

This is the first bag I decorated.

This was the second that I decorated which has to spiral/swirldecorations and a rain cloud with rain.

This was the second bag that I decorated.















Totes was an artplay activity all about using stencils to make beautiful bags which we can use everyday. We even learnt how to make the stencils.

I thought totes was a great activity as I learnt a lot of things and really want to do more stenciling at home. I liked how even though the stencils were made for us we still got to be cretive in the way we placed the stencils.

Totes was a great activity for all ages and stenciling is something I would definetely recommend doing at home.

How to stencil:
Firstly get a plastic divider and a craft knife (remember to use a self healing mat or else the knife will mark your table)and cut your shape (if you want to you can print out or draw a template).
Once you have cut out your template you then place it on the fabric you are going to use (calico is a good fabric) and start dabbing with a paint brush.

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Herring Island is on the Yarra River in Melbourne and is used by a number of art associations. One of those associations is the ASV (Association of Sculptors Victoria) and they have just opened an exhibition which is part of the Herring Island Summer Arts Festival.

The exhibition includes 40 different kinds of sculptures made with a variety of materials.

While I was there I asked a few of the artists a question: what inspired you to do this piece of work?

The artists’ response . . .

ANNE ANDERSON: her piece of work was called Reflection. Anne used clay and then glazed it with oxide glaze and blue glaze. Anne said that

she tried to do a male face because you normally see female faces and she wanted to do something different. Anne said that she tried to do a semi- real look still keeping the main features. Anne also mentioned that when she does her sculptures she prefers sculpting the form rather than finishing (painting and polishing the work). Anne said she finds this a chore.

The piece is priced for sale at $880.

JOHN BISHOP: John’s piece of work was called Flower#7. John used Mt. Gambier Limestone. John explained he enjoys making flowing organic forms which are inspired by nature.

The piece is priced for sale at $600.

ANDREW BRYANT:his piece of work was called Balancing Act. Andrew used iron, stainless steel, stone and red gum. Andrew said his piece relies on the rock to keep it from collapsing and this represents the balance between humans and nature.

The piece is priced for sale at $880.  SOLD!

PAUL CACIOLI:Paul entered 3 pieces in the exhibition. I spoke to him about his piece called The Last Autumn. Paul created this piece as he likes birds. The one bird on the leafless tree represents the last bird to migrate for the winter to show the  loneliness we feel when everything is changing around us.

The piece is priced for sale at $350. SOLD!

I thought the exhibition was very well presented, all of the artworks are amazing and I hope to go back there again soon.  The Herring Island Summer Arts Festival, ASV Sculpture On The Stream exhibition is an enjoyable experience for all ages and is a great day out if you are in Melbourne.

If you want to find out more or want to attend the exhibition, the dates of the ASV exhibition is the 19th of January to the 3rd of Febuary and the festival continues (showcasing other forms of art) until the 7th of April. You can find out more by heading to

Anne Anderson's piece

Anne Anderson’s piece

Artist Anne Anderson & Imogen

Artist Anne Anderson & Imogen

'Balancing Act' by Andrew Bryant

‘Balancing Act’ by Andrew Bryant

Artist Andrew Bryant & Imogen

Artist Andrew Bryant & Imogen

'Flower #7' by John Bishop

‘Flower #7’ by John Bishop

'The Last Autumn' by Paul Cacioli

‘The Last Autumn’ by Paul Cacioli

What inspires you to do art?  Let me know . . .

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